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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

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In times when strength and resources are limited each donation helps save many lives.

For wounded soldiers

We organize medical care.
+38 044 394-98-99

Directions of activity

Main focus of our medical assistance. List of military divisions we work with.

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MOLFAR (from Ukrainian - "sorcerer-healer") is a project of the Ukrainian nongovernmental organization People's Victory (From 02/22/2016 - NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS "MOLFAR").

The project's aim is effective logistics system of medical rescue of wounded:

  • coordination of military, doctors and volunteers to ensure medical care for wounded;
  • shortening delivery of wounded to medical facilities;
  • conducting consultations;
  • search of medication and medical supplies;

Help available to wounded:

  1. Information support: call our hotline after using first aid kit. Doctors-coordinators will make a record of your question and offer solutions to address your situation.
  2. Capacity to find help to transfer sick and wounded.
  3. Finding the right doctor.
  4. Arrangments for surgeries (based on plan of treatment).
  5. Quick search of medication in the largest pharmacy chains of Ukraine (online, during the contact). 

Our collaboration with medics, hospitals and doctors:

We have a contractual relationship with many hospitals in regional centers of Ukraine which are multidisciplinary clinics. We also cooperate with doctors of narrow specialization: upscale professionals, well-versed in rescue and rehabilitation of patients. We offer the following services:

  1. Consultative support: database of hospitals and physicians (full information on specialization, equipment, facilities, availability of specialized professionals and medication).
  2. Logistical support of transfer of patients (search for options). 

Willing to help us?

Your support is very important for the Project MOLFAR: volunteer assistance, cooperation with physicians, donations and government support. Willing to help and have something to offer? - get involved!

We believe in magic! Your help becomes the Magic!

For the sake of a tired mother, who will see her son again.
For the sake of a little daughter, who will embrace her dad again.
For the sake of a sister, who will be able to hug her brother...

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