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Another voyage №28.

I almost forgot to tell you about Lyudmyla, a teacher from the Vinnitsa University.

Before my departure from Vinnitsa I pozhalilas to friend Ludmilla Hlostkin that hospital in Artemivsk have a problem with bandages. Even day or two and will not be something to work.

Lyudmyla heard our problems, went to the pharmacy. Bought everything they had of sterile and suture materials. She put this surgery treasure in the storage room, and at 5 am I, before the going, took it and drove to the East with all of its.

On the photo - surgeon, child traumatologist, which is now at the forefront "stitches" and "sticking" our boys!!!

Перев'язувальні матеріали для госпіталю, фото

This package with medicines from a friend Lyudmyla.

And then, such a story.

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