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Подарунок Президенту від Ю.Вотчер. Детальніше в продовженні статті...We congratulate MOLFAR Project founder, head of the People's Victory NGO, Yuliya Watcher who was presented with award by the President of Ukraine, just in time to mark the launch of our project. It came as a pleasant surprise to our team and we take it as evaluation of our work.

For our founder, Yulia Watcher, it is a recognition of hard and inspiring volunteer work...

This is what Yuliya writes about it: 

"My dear friends!

I am sincerely grateful to all of you for allowing me to be with you from the first day of Maidan to this day.

The path was not easy, but next to you I was able to feel myself a UKRAINIAN, together with you I learnt the happiness of tireless fight for human dignity and our freedom, felt responsibility of building a new Ukraine for our children.

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Life goes on and needs correction! Where there was dispair, now there is strength and unity. Where there was confusion, new friends and new ideas emmerged! Where there was burning ground under the feet, new dreams and initiatives will grow.

Project Molfar is among such useful and necessary initiatives and is focused on providing medical and logistical assistance to wounded. The Project is delivered with the help of 24/7 hotline for rescue coordination and rehabilitation of wounded.

We are proud to inform you about the gradual launch of our Project! In particular, the launch of our website. Interested parties are welcome to join. We have experience, coordinated system of interaction with physicians, and the desire to make the world a better place!

Wish us good luck and join the magic of volunteering!

Glory to Ukraine and its heroes!