We congratuate MOLFAR Project founder, head of the People's Victory NGO, Yuliya Watcher who was presented with award by the President of Ukraine, just in time to mark the launch of our project. It came as a pleasant surprise to our team and we take it as evaluation of our work.

For our founder, Yulia Watcher, it is a recognition of hard and inspiring volunteer work...

This is what Yuliya writes about it: 

"My dear friends!

I am sincerely grateful to all of you for allowing me to be with you from the first day of Maidan to this day.

The path was not easy, but next to you I was able to feel myself a UKRAINIAN, together with you I learnt the happiness of tireless fight for human dignity and our freedom, felt responsibility of building a new Ukraine for our children.

Once again, such unity confirmes that we are an indestructible force. Despite everything, despite the great price that Ukraine has paid by the lives and health of thousands of our soldiers-patriots we will win, and we will deal with internal enemies at all levels.

I am conscientious of the fact that award I have received from the President of Ukraine is OUR award, and you only expressed a confidence in me to keep the Order of "Princess Olga" III degree for a lifetime. I am bowing to all of you for your trust!!! With love to all and each one of you. YUL"

This is a gift by Yulia Votcher to the President. Very strong impressions from its contemplation...

This is what Yuliya Watcher writes about it: 

 "According to our Vinnytchyna tradition, I came to the President not empty-handed.
 I came with a brass catridge case delivered from the frontline that talented Irinka Bazykina from Kiev turned into a symbol of courage and will of a Ukrainian defender.
In the town of Nikishyno I was fortunate to meet a brave fighter with nickname "Philosopher". He made a remark that kids need to know a different explanation of the word "power". In his opinion, the Ukrainian word "power" (влада/vlada) means, unlike the Russian equivalent of power (власть/vlast'), - to settle, to resolve, to get along ... 

Those who get the power should always remember this. With pain in my heart, I have to say that the "Philosopher" passed away into eternity and cannot see the result of his very wise message to his descendants. It is now our responsibility to make it happen because this is what we fight for, shed blood, lose our best people...
Presenting this symbol of courage and will to the President, I said, "... we understand that for him, as the President, it is the most difficult because he has responsibility before the people of Ukraine and before God. Eyes of a soldier are depicted on the cartridge case, his deep look reminds of responsibility before the people and the words from the Bible about the responsibility before God. I wished the President to have courage, strength and health, and for Ukraine to soon become a peaceful and happy country."
My impression from the reaction of Petro Oleksiyovych. For him it was a surprise, he did not expect such words and was very touched. In his speech he mentioned the eyes of a soldier and words from the Bible which were a constant reminder of responsibility, and poppies which framed the bottom of cartridge case were a symbol of our price for Ukrainian freedom and independence . And everyone should remember this. He promised that the gift will always be in the office of the Ukrainian President.
The day was over and I was on my way home. In a train car I was with the "Princess Olga" that was a reminder of my own responsibility before God, before the people and children."

Reading these words one might think that the award found its hero for a reason, or rather heroine... 

President of Ukraine with brave Ukrainian women, on the occasion of Women's Day, 8 March.
Spring 2015.

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