Current information and contacts

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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

Who do we consider as our partners

Everyone who wish to join the volunteer magic of the Project MOLFAR can become our partner and join us in saving the largest possible number of lives, providing them quick and effective treatment and quality rehabilitation, and making their return to civilian life more comfortable!

Non-governmental organizations

Since the Project "Molfar" is based on a public organization, we know, that NGOs consistute the most effective segment of society in generating and implementing initiatives! Therefore we will cooperate with all NGOs that have a methodical, organizational or resource basis which will make the Project MOLFAR more effective!

So if you have the opportunities or offers on the table, please, we are always ready for a dialogue.

Government institutions

MOLFAR interested in cooperation with state on assistance in rescue of wounded. We offer cooperation to state and local authorities as well as subdivisions of the Ministry of Health. We are ready to discuss all existing formats of cooperation and, if necessary, to interact within the limits a framework agreement.


We have partnered with many hospitals, involved in the rescue of the military. Now we directly cooperate through our volunteers, who are looking for resources and options for treatment of wounded, assisting us in the organization transporting of wounded and sick military.

We are actively negotiating with hospitals wiling to sign cooperation agreements in the framework of "Molfar" in order to deliver medical services uner well-coordinated system. Also, we are interested in cooperation with medical and sanatorium hospitals that offer opportunities for recovery and rehabilitation of military after injuries. We invite clinics, that have opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation of injured - to a fruitful cooperation!


The project team of MOLFAR will be grateful to doctors of all specializations for cooperation, both volunteer and in treaty form. Read more - in the section about collaboration with physicians.

Contributors and donors

Companies, entrepreneurs, Ukrainians and all peopel who care about Ukraine, who wish to assist us in our mission of introducing logistics system of rescue of wounded - please join us! Working with us you will gain confidence in our victory and a positive image.

Sponsorships and Donations have always been the a noble thing, appreciated by public and valued by business partners. Donating money or resources for rescue of wounded is a good investment in a peaceful future of Ukraine. And maybe someday you will find someone who will help you in a difficult situation, if it necessary. This is the magic of volunteering: when you help someone else you create yourself, become a kind of a molfar - wise and rich in mysterious forces, a wizard doctor, healer and even a magician!