Current information and contacts

Project Molfar on Facebook

Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

Partners of the Project Molfar - everyone who wants to help us in the rescue of wounded. As well as all the caring people around the world who join us in defending peace in Ukraine, as well as all over Europe, and yet - care for the restoration of health of our soldiers!

Molfar cooperates with clinics involved in the rescue of the military.

We are ready to cooperate with:

  1. Public clinics.
  2. Departmental clinics.
  3. Private clinics.

The format of cooperation:

1. With signing of the agreement.

In this case clinic has several advantages:

  • informing in the mass media about treatment facility;
  • informing on the our pages in social networks about hospitals;
  • distribution of materials about our partners (doctors from the clinics) - in social networks, ect.;

2. Without signing of agreement.

In this case, the health care organization is made on a voluntary basis.

Still, we cooperate directly through our volunteers, who are looking for resources and opportunities for treatment of wounded and assist us in the organization of transporting. Now we are actively negotiating with a many hospitals to carry out such cooperation on a more coordinated and expeditious level, in the framework of the Project "Molfar".

Also, we are interested in cooperation with medical-sanatorium hospitals that offer opportunities for recovery military after injuries.

We always welcome constructive cooperation!

We invite all clinics that have opportunities for treatment and rehabilitation of wounded - for constructive cooperation! Contact us in a convenient way, selected in the "Contact".