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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

Everyone who wishes to join the voluntary magic of project MOLFAR can become our partner. Together we will save more lives and health of wounded by ensuring their fast treatment and quality rehabilitation and making their return to civilian life more comfortable!

Among our partners we see community organizations, doctors and clinics, government agencies, and our donors - companies and individuals who help the project not only to exist, but also to operate efficiently!

For donors:

We invite companies and individual benefactors to cooperation to assist project MOLFAR in its mission - implementing logistics system of rescue of wounded. Cooperating with us, you get an honest conscience, confidence in the victory of Ukraine, and a good image. Charity always has been honored in Ukraine and highly appreciated among public as well as among the business partners. Donations of money or resources to salvation of wounded is a good contribution to the peaceful future, and the belief, that one day you too will find a good person who can help in a difficult situation. This is the magic of volunteering: helping someone you create yourself, become a molfar, wise and rich in mysterious forces, traditional sorcerer, healer and even a magician!

Having doubts? Then here is an interpretation of the charity causes of the Project MOLFAR:

1. Moral satisfaction is the main benefit of social responsibility! By making an effort, you contribute in formation of socially responsible and smart society, a comfortable social environment for its own existence!

In the case of wounded, this is a different story. To understand what it is, imagine that you and several thousands of people who visit our website each day play decisive role in saving soldier's limbs. This is a matter of a week and it depends on how many of those who visited the website will consolidate their efforst on the issue. And imagine that 1 000 people out of 10 000 visitors got together and made a donation. The wounded soldier will have his limb saved. Time passed, rehabilitation period is over, wounded person's limb function restored and he returned to work. And then, after some time, it turns out that a surgeon who saved life of your cousin is the same wounded person, who you donated 20 UAH to. Maybe it turns out to be a true story. It could happen otherwise: surgery delayed due to the lack of funds, amputation or loss of limb's function, disability, unemployment, depression, conscious withdrawal from the society, family problems due to unemployment or alcoholism, etc. This is a typical pattern for military people, for example, the "Afghan syndrome". The question is whether you will get moral satisfaction through involvement in the saving someone's fate? Even, if you forget about your good deed the very next day. 

The idea of our project is that military-medical logistics was finally established and started operating at full speed. This will ensure time efficiency of decision-making and systematic work with wounded. Wounded  should not even think that the government or the society that they defend do not care about them! That is why we want to coordinate all those involved in the rescue of wounded, as much as we can, including ourselves, because we also do it within the framework of the People's Victory NGO. Our Project Molfar is looking for sponsors for surgeries, specialists, work with overseas to learn from their experience and receive advice ... Within the Project MOLFAR we want to test those parts of the Military Medical Doctrine of Ukraine in the development of which we participated and made all possbile that it was implemented at the government level in the shortest time possible!

2.  Image benefits. Charity is the cheapest provision for PR campaign. It could sound too frank or even rude, but it is true. PR - Public Relation - is public, social relations. The good deed is the best building material of good relationships. Similar is attracted to similar. New life is given by some sacrifice of parents. Cells are multiplying by division, rather than growth. Divide and Conquer! Donations returned in  multitude. What you sow that you reap. Did you hear about this? If not, then take a look at charitable budgets and budgets of PR campaigns of the most successful companies in the world. Read something about buyer behaviour and charity. Sure you will find a lot of unexpected informaiton. And the main thing is that PR campaign of socially responsible businesses is much more effective.

Good deed is the best advertising. Especially, when it concerns such project like ours. We should consider 4-5 years of social and medical work, government involvement in rehabilitation period of military. Moreover, we know how to reduce this period to several years. If you are looking for a good image through good causes there is always a way to join our project! Contact us in a convenient way as provided in  Contacts.

On this page we will gradually add information about our partners and our biggest donors. You can get latest news on our cooperation in the News section. We will also periodically publish Reports on received and used funds.

We welcome constructive cooperation!

Get involved! You can be one of the project partners-contributors in salvation of wounded - "Molfar".

Every penny, donated by you, will be a valuable contribution to saving lives and health of people!

Our bank details:

Organization: NGO "People's Victory" (UKR:"Народна Перемога")

EDRPOU (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations): 39209271

PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY COMMERCIAL BANK "PRIVATBANK", capital bank branche (Kyiv), MFO (soft code) - 380269.

Current accounts:

UAH: №26000056205614, №26057056204420.

USD: №26000056206958.

EUR: №26003056206397. 

More payment details here. We are grateful for your support!