Current information and contacts

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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

Our partners are all people who are fighting for peace in Ukraine and help us in the rescue of wounded!

Molfar collaborates with specialized doctors of government and private clinics.

We offer cooperation on a voluntary basis to doctors of various specialties.

Especially, we are actively looking for:

  • orthopedists-traumatologists;
  • surgeons;
  • neurosurgeons;
  • psychologists;
  • urologists;
  • ENT specialists;
  • cardiac surgeons.

We organize planned surgical interventions. We are looking for professionals to perform surgeries.

We cooperate:

We collaborate with physicians involved in the evacuation of wounded from the temporarily occupied territories, their treatment and rehabilitation. And also with military doctors who helped volunteers of the NGO People's Victory, founder of the project "Molfar", draft the Military-Medical Doctrine of Ukraine. Among them - O.G. Shekera (Lieutenant Colonel of medical service reserve, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, combatants in Afghanistan 1984-1986) and G.D. Kyrzhner (Major of medical service reserve, participant of liquidation earthquake in Armenia in 1988).

MOLFAR is thankful to doctors of all specializations for their cooperation based on volunteer and contractual relationship (with the regular exchange of information about new possibilities for wounded). We emphasize, that it is especially important for us to collaborate with the government, in particular, with local public health authorities. We are ready to discuss all possible options for cooperation, including signing a framework agreement.

Advantages of cooperation with MOLFAR:

The following are the advantages of cooperation with us:

  • information about the doctors posted on this web-site;
  • information about the doctors placed in social networks;
  • information about the doctors placed in mass media;
  • information about the doctors placed in the printed products;
  • doctors get valuable practice in treatment of specific military injuries;
  • tdoctors get a good image among patients, respect of colleagues, and prospects for career development through new experience.

On this page we will gradually be adding information about our partners: physicians (doctors) and medical staff of public and private medical practices who help us rescue wounded.