Current information and contacts

Project Molfar on Facebook

Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

Our partners are all caring people who are fighting for peace in Ukraine and help us rescue wounded!

The Molfar project of providing assistance to wounded is based on an NGO.

Today NGOs are the most effective official tool to help army and its wounded! We take on logistics of medical assistance: searching for clinics, doctors, and medical documentation analysis. This professional qualitative work. This will help to volunteers save the lives of "his" wounded.

We offer:

1. The contractual form of cooperation - you call us and we conclude a contract.

Benefits of the contract:

  • consistency of legal issues (medical confidentiality, personal data protection, etc);
  • posting information about social networks partners (fb, twitter, google+, youtube);
  • placing the information in the printed productions.

2. Without agreement - we help "your" wounded and sick. We will not post your infomration in social networks, as our partner, if you don't want it.

For cooperation:

  • Call.
  • Contact us at our page in Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • Mail us to our e-mail indicated on this website. 

On this page we will gradually add information about our partners - non-government organizations. Latest news about our cooperation with them and with other our partners can be found in the News section.

We always welcome a constructive cooperation!