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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

Time is the most precious resource in life.

Life is not a material thing; it is the essence of existence.

In times of war the value of time and life obtains a new meaning!

Our team provides medical services. Specifically, medical logistics.

The task of any logistics is to deliver a product to the destination at the lower cost. Our tasks in this war are quite similar.

To achieve our goals we have all the necessary resources:

  1. Technical resources – 24/7 hotline
    • multi-line phone system - ability to process all calls;
    • software - all relevant information is saved and entered into a unified data;
    • calls recording ensures quality control.
  2. Human resources – a team of coordinators with medical or pharmaceutical background:
    • obtaining an answer over the phone if possible;
    • providing medical advice over the phone is possible;
    • transportation of a patient to proper health care institution.
  3. Well-ordered business-process:
    • maximum time savings to resolve issues;
    • most unified action to solve various tasks;
    • control of the each step.
  4. Knowledge and experience:
    • contractual relationships with hospitals throughout Ukraine;
    • responsible persons in hospitals;
    • access to information about the availability of medicines in most pharmacy chains of Ukraine.

MOLFAR takes on logistics "chain" of salvation the wounded: from a call of wounded, doctor, etc. - to coordinating of rehabilitation activities.


  • Reducing the number of deaths;
  • Reducing disability cases;
  • Increasing the number of fully rehabilitated soldiers.