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You can treat a patient for a long time, but he will never recover if he does not want it!

Soldiers need help to receive high-quality treatment! Psychological help in particular.

Doctors heal body and psychologists - the soul...

MOLFAR Project engaged a group of psychologists who provide the following assistance:

1. Phone consultation with soldiers.
Limited access to information, constant stress, lack of communication with family and a great danger of dying or be injured, leading to heavy psychological traumas.
The function of our psychologists, if not totally protect, so at least mitigate its consequences, as much as it possible.

2. Psychological help to wounded.
War itself is a heavy energy and psychological stress. A wound - even more so. Especially if the injury has resulted to the loss of vital organs and tissues. Such cases are characterized by severe depression and even suicide.

The task of the psychologist - to provide maximum help - in order to warrior found the sources and resources for future life. And in order to hereinafter, took place its full integration in society.

3. Psychological assistance the soldiers coming back from the war zone.

Those, who visited the war, saw the death of friends, loved ones, the soldiers who were in captivity or surrounded - these people has changed forever. Now they see the world with different eyes. And don't always their vision will match with the vision of civilians.

As a result, they either reach considerable success, or isolating itself. Unfortunately, more often - the second. Therefore, the work of psychologists aimed to ensure that soldier couldn't carry the fears and traumas through the whole life, and after the war could be realized in a peaceful society, as much as it possible.

The war will end. Bodily wounds will be healed ... and psychologists will heal the soul.