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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

In the time of war the main goal of the project MOLFAR is to provide transparent, clear and professional organization of medical assistance to wounded, 24/7!

What is the importance of our cooperation with clinics:

Our medical logistics is based on professional approach to finding solutions! We make the best effort to attract medical professionals to make our project even more effective, together we help soldiers and other victims of the war to return to their peaceful and healthy life faster!

Cooperation with clinics is a simple mechanism of ongoing transfer of wounded to a medical institution which has the necessary equipment, medicine and specialists.

Now we are ready to cooperate with clinics of any form of ownership.

The benefits of cooperation:

  1. Promptly given medical care contributes to the victory of Ukraine.
  2. Advanced training of clinical specialists: for doctors experience plays the major role in their career. Military surgeries and new pathology cases is a way to advance medical skills!
  3. Recognition of doctors by the Government.
  4. The popularity and positive image: with consent of clinics we publishing information about their assistance and achievements within our project.
  5. Involvement in the processes that will have impact on reforming of disaster medical assistance.
  6. Continued cooperation (the project is designed to function for a long period).

Your steps to cooperation:

  1. You call/write us.
  2. We discuss details of cooperation.
  3. We signs a contract / agreement of cooperation.
  4. Cooperation begins.

Get involved in the magic of volunteering of the Project Molfar!