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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

In the time of war the main goal of the Project MOLFAR is to provide transparent, clear and professional

organization of medical aid to wounded,24/7!

What is the importance of our cooperation with clinics:

Our medical logistics is based on professional approach to finding solutions! We make the best effort to attract medical professionals to make our project even more effective, together we help soldiers and other victims of the war to return to their peaceful and healthy life faster!

Cooperation with doctors is very important for the Project Molfar, they are military physicians, crisis psychologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, urologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, traumatologists, rehabilitologists, prosthetists and cardiologists.

We have many ideas and we are willing to cooperate with doctors in various areas of specialty.

We are looking for cooperation in organizing transportation, hospitalization, surgical intervention for sick or injured, effective assistance in sourcing and purchasing of essential medication, conducting rehabilitation procedures (including psychological rehabilitation).

The more doctors join our project, the easier, faster and more efficient will be treatment and recovery for wounded soldiers.

In such conditions a patient suffers less losses and quickly recovers, this is a dream of everyone - the government (less social benefits), employers of a patient (less expenses, ability to return to normal performance of duties), patient's family (many benefits!), doctors - less work with relapses, and a patient - the more effective treatment, the less chances to "dipping into illness" and the loss of social ties.

The benefits of cooperation for doctors:

  • Interest and merits of the project.
  • New knowledge and practical skills: treatment of war traumas and injuries is a completely new and valuable experience.
  • Recognition, good image, popularity, including through publication and mentioning in our information resources.
  • New professional acquaintances, new career prospects.
  • Additional income.
  • Find ways to be a part of reforming the health care system (People's Victory NGO, the founder of Molfar, is involved in the development and approval of military medical doctrine of Ukraine and other initiatives intended to reform the health care system).
  • Official cooperation (for doctors associatied with medical insitutions upon agreement, for doctors with private practice in posession of personal license - on the formal agreement basis).

Are you interested? Your steps to cooperation:

  1. You call/write us.
  2. We discuss details of cooperation.
  3. We signs a contract / agreement of cooperation.
  4. Cooperation begins.

Get involved in the volunteering magic of the Project Molfar!