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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

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What is the value of your help to the project:

  • Assist in saving lives and health of more people in Ukraine!
  • Assist in reforming the state medical support system for civilian and military personnel: our achievements will be observed by  experts involved in establishment of the government Military Medicine Doctrine.
  • Good hands are never redundant, together we will defeat the aggressor faster!

What is the uniqueness of the Project Molfar:

We are the only volunteer based project in Ukraine that aims at expedited life saving of sick or wounded. In addition to that, our goal is to reduce the number of deaths among wounded and minimize the risk of amputation or other comparable health consequences. We also know how to speed up the rehabilitation process of victims of war!

Help to wounded within our project will be provided via round-the-clock hotline, with the assistance of experienced medical professionals (doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, etc.). Our project will provide Ukraininas with an effective free tool of logistical medical support to win the war against the invader.

What exactly we are doing:

  1. Preliminary consultations to our partners about the methods of rescue and transportation to the treatment of wounded - professionally, for free, on a contractual basis (coordination).
  2. Transporting sick and wounded (coordination, including on modern ambulance cars purchased with participation of our volunteers).
  3. Search of doctors with the relevant qualifications (our own resource base, 9 years' experience of working with many clinics and other institutions);
  4. Organization of surgical interventions (we already cooperate with a number of clinics and continue to seek new ways of cooperation, including a contractual basis). 
  5. Search of medication in the largest pharmacy chains of Ukraine.

Our advantages:

  1. Round the clock connection (multichannel hotline).
  2. Calls are taking by skilled doctors and pharmacists.
  3. More than 9 years experience in medical logistics.
  4. Automation of collection and processing information due to special software. 
  5. Agreements with hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories.

Get involved!

Every donated penny will contribute to saving people's lives and health.