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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

The Molfar Project gola is to save human life! Your opportunities can help make us even more effective!

What we mean under "opportunities", please read below...

Donations of opportunities is your contribution in increasing the efficiency of our project, improvement of approach to saving lives in conditions of war,  assistance in reforming Ukrainian health care system based on techniques verified by us in military medical logistics.

Ways to support the MOLFAR Project:

  • volunteer (doctor-consultant, content manager, operator call-center);
  • work in the contact center (our vacancies in the section "Work");
  • blog author on the web-site;
  • read our website and share its content in social networks;
  • talk about our project with your friends, verbally or, for example, by sharing informative flyers from the section Media;
  • share your resources with us (software, legal support, partner involvement, equipment etc)
  • present us your proposals for the project and website development.

Our activities: 

  1. Consulting wounded, volunteers, military regarding life saving and transporting of injured to treatment facilities - professionally, free of charge and, if necessary, on a contractual basis. We are working with the Ministry of Health, public clinics, private physicians, as well as directly with the Ministry of Defense and the Interior Ministry departments involved in hot spots of Ukraine. Also, we work with some volunteer military units of ATO in the East of Ukraine that are defending the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
  2. Organizing transportion of sick and injured (coordination and finding resources).
  3. Search of physicians with necessary qualifications (our own resource base, 9 years' experience of working with many clinics and other institutions).
  4. Organization of surgical interventions (to save the wounded we cooperate with many clinics and are always looking for new partners, including on a contractual basis).
  5. Search of medication in the largest pharmacy chains of Ukraine.

Our advantages:

  1. Round-the-clock contact (multichannel hotline).
  2. Calls are answered by experienced doctors and pharmacists.
  3. More than 9 years' experience in medical logistics.
  4. Automatic collection and processing of information with the help of a special software. 
  5. Agreements with hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories.

Why you should help us:

  • these are current and unresolved issues (possibility of intense military operation in the spring or summer 2015, no approved medical military doctrine, the recurring risk of mass deaths due to poorely coordinated actions while withdrawal of army from blockade and saving wounded);
  • professional and volunteer experience of the project team (more than 9 years' experience in the field of medical logistics; volunteer (work with wounded) since Euromaidan until now (hot spots in Ukraine); practical experience - our consultants are experienced medics);
  • the importance of quality rehabilitation of wounded people who are already in hospitals (if we want peace in society we must invest in treatment and psychological rehabilitation of victims of war);
  • we care (our defenders are our people, and many of our friends and acquaintances are now at the forefront protecting Ukraine);
  • bringing the victory closer by well-organized efforts.


For each of saved lives and all our work achievements you will see a report on this website.

By helping us you are investing in the peace and victory of Ukraine!

Get Involved! Every opportunity you donated will help save people's lives and health!