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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

MOLFAR saves people's lives. 

Time is the most valuable resource in their salvation!

The Project MOLFAR increases the chances for a fast rescue and quality rehabilitation of wounded soldiers. Well-treated military is the higher quality of peaceful life of society and soldier without post-war excesses of poorly treated physical and psychological injuries. By donating your time to the project, you work for the victory of Ukraine. The better is our project, more soldiers will know that in case of  injury they will have an additional chance for salvation. This will add them inspiration and strength for a battle!

Ways to support the MOLFAR Project:

  • volunteer (doctor-consultant, content manager, operator call-center);
  • work in the contact center (our vacancies in the section "Work");
  • blog author on the web-site;
  • read our website and share its content in social networks;
  • talk about our project with your friends, verbally or, for example, by sharing informative flyers from the section Media;
  • present us your proposals for the project and website development.

Our activities: 

  1. Consultating wounded, volunteers, military.
  2. Organizing transporting of sick and injured.
  3. Search of physicians with necessary qualifications (our own database of specialists, 9 years of working experience with many medical facilities).
  4. Organization of surgical interventions (to save wounded we cooperate with many clinics and are always looking for new partners).
  5. Search for medication in the largest pharmacy chains of Ukraine.

Our advantages:

  1. Round-the-clock contact (multichannel hotline).
  2. Calls are answere by experinced doctors and pharmacists.
  3. More than 9 years' experience in medical logistics.
  4. Automatic collection and processing of information with the help of a special software. 
  5. Agreements with hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories.

Why MOLFAR is worth your time:

Ukraine has many volunteer projects that deliver food supplies, medicine, and necessary protective equipment to Ukrainian soldiers. There are also projects that provide assistance in finding killed, prisoners and missing people. 

We decided to take up the issue which concerns us and with the problems familiar to us: medical logistics is coordination of the effosrts of doctors, soldiers and volunteers in saving lives of injured and sick soldiers.

Our project is unique because it brings volunteering in saving lives to a new organizational level. The level of professional informational and logistical support.

Your personal benefits of participation:

  1. Engage in saving lives and health.
  2. Transparency of the project "Molfar": open reporting about received and used funds, publication of histories of salvation.
  3. Invest in a peaceful future.
  4. Bring the victory of Ukraine closer, increase the total number of useful efforts.

Also you can help the project by making a monetary donation.

Money is spent on:

  1. 24-hour hotline.
  2. Work of qualified medical coordinators.
  3. Concluding agreements with healthcare services providers to support, treatment and rehabilitation of the sick and wounded.
  4. Informing the public about the project.
  5. Printed materials.
  6. Other.

The main reasons for donating money to us is the professional approach to the case, financial and update reporting, transparent system of disbursment of funds, the higher purpose of the project is to save lives!

Sometimes people don't have time or money. But have useful business links. Can conclude agreements. Can link us with donors. Can post information about us on their own website. Or have other possibilities! Please, show them this information. And tell them about the importance of the Project Molfar!