Current information and contacts

Project Molfar on Facebook

Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

Content Manager must have at least 1 year of experience in creation and distribution of content; have completed or incomplete higher education; profound knowledge of Ukrainian; be able to use software for processing and sharing of content; know the basics of promoting content in the Internet; be able to write original texts; be able to quickly process and distribute information.

Functional duties of a content manager:

  • writing texts;
  • create content for the site and / or project's pages in social networks;
  • gathering and processing of information;
  • distribution of information about the project.

* Remote work is possible on a previously agreed schedule.

In addition to the volunteering opportunities mentioned above you can help in another way: volunteer your time, donate money, give other ressources to help rescue wounded soldiers. Obtain more information in the section "GET INVOLVED".

Get involved to make the project of organizing medical support of wounded more efficient and effective!

Share this opportunity with your friends, perhaps, it will be interesting to them!