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Project Manager: Yulia Votcher (Facebook)

How to become a doctor-coordinator:

Doctor Coordinator is a specialist with higher medical education who takes calls in the contact center of the Project MOLFAR. During the call it collects anamnesis (data on condition of patient) and then makes a decision about the next steps: advice, hospitalization, search of  medication etc.


  • interacts with doctors in hospitals;
  • directs registered patient to treatment facilities;
  • enters information about a patient into the database (for case control);
  • provides informational support: from the call to hospitalization.

Requirements to doctor-coordinator:

  • completed higher medical education;
  • distinctive speech;
  • knowledge of Ukrainian;
  • computer user (knowledge of ten-finger touch-typing method prefered);
  • high-speed Internet access;
  • headset with a microphone.

* Remote work is possible on a previously agreed schedule.

This area of support of the Project MOLFAR is carried out on the voluntary and free basis (except for the event when we have an open job vacancy). Doctor-coordinator assumes responsibility to perform certain tasks agreed with MOLFAR Project Manager or with Coordinator. Other details of cooperation with volunteers (working hours, compensation, etc.) are determined by agreement of the parties. Please, send us an email (with a proposal to occupy the position), in the subject line indicate: "CALL-CENTER. DOCTOR", and send your CV.

In addition to the volunteering opportunities mentioned above you can help in another way: volunteer your time, donate money, give other ressources to help rescue wounded soldiers. Obtain more information in the section "Get Involved".

Get involved to make the project of organizing medical support of wounded more efficient and effective!

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